More Than Dyslexic

“A couple days after my little man was formally diagnosed with dyslexia, I found him at the kitchen table creating this poster. ‘Dyslexia. It’s not a disadilatee. It’s a Super Power.  For the pepole who are  Dyslexik, Don’t give UP!’

 My heart sang. You see just days earlier my husband and I were so worried about giving him the label of ‘dyslexia’. But after sitting him down and talking to Quin about all the amazingly different ways his brain works, we said the words… ‘and it’s called dyslexia.’ His face lit up! 

We were so worried about labelling him with the word ‘DYSLEXIA’, that it never occurred to us that he had already self labelled himself as ‘STUPID’. And by saying the word ‘dyslexia’ we erased the word ‘stupid’. ”

Ask An Expert

Dr. Horowitz talks about dyslexia and its impact on individuals with LD.

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Brent Sopel, Stanley Cup Winner With the Chicago Blackhawks, on “Hiding Behind His Stick”

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