Fact sheet: Inadequate Appropriate Special Education Service = Discrimination

This week, Renu Mandhane, Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), acknowledged that children with dyslexia must be accommodated in Ontario schools — whether schools use the term “dyslexia” or not. She further advised parents of children with dyslexia or specific learning disorder (SLD) (which may be dyslexia even if your public school doesn’t use this term) to report discrimination in obtaining appropriate special education services including identification, assessment and intervention.

Here’s the tweet that’s got everybody talking!

As parents and advocates, we know this story, and the pain it causes, all too well. Children in Ontario are not being assessed, identified, accommodated or receiving effective instruction (structured literacy) for dyslexia.

Should you choose to report your story to the OHRC, we’ve prepared the following one page fact sheet to help you understand how to identify and report discrimination. Please feel free to share!

This is the link to a PDF of the fact sheet –