Our Vision + Mission

That all children with dyslexia in Ontario learn to read.

– To raise dyslexia awareness;
– To empower families to support their children who are dyslexic; and,
– To communicate evidence-based practices regarding:
(1) Identification
(2) Remediation; and
(3) Support for students with dyslexia

We advocate for:
(1) A universal, scientifically-based definition and understanding of dyslexia as it relates to education in Ontario
(2) Mandatory and ongoing teacher training about dyslexia, including its warning signs and appropriate and effective intervention strategies, for all pre-service and certified teachers in Ontario.
(3) Mandatory early screening tests for dyslexia in all schools across Ontario
(4) Mandatory and effective dyslexia remediation programs in our schools across Ontario that can be accessed by general, gifted and special education students
(5) Access to appropriate, ongoing and effective assistive technologies (and training thereof), within all classrooms across Ontario.